4 Productivity Boards (4 Colours) with 8 Blank Cardstocks

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Take control of your tasks and keep productive, one tick at a time!

Checklist Boards are the secret to staying on top of it all!

The Mettafy Checklist boards provide a clear and visual way to organize tasks. They allow users to see their to-do lists at a glance, making it easier to prioritize and manage their work.

Be prepared for any situation with this 4 pack checklist board, featuring 8 replaceable cardstock. Take on life’s challenges with the perfect tool for staying organized and motivated!

🎧🍵 Improve Productivity: The checklist board provides a dynamic and engaging way to organize tasks, track progress, and maintain focus and accountability.

🔔 Can't-Miss Reminder: Unlike digital tools, checklist boards are physical, they're put where you can't miss them, and they won't disappear like papers, so you never forget what to do.

🌞 Help Build Good Habits: Easily track completed tasks by sliding the slider from one end to the other.

😌✌️Reduce Stress: Having a visual representation of tasks reduces the mental burden of trying to remember everything that needs to be done.

📌 Easy to Hang: The small hole at the back of the checklist lets you hang it anywhere.

♻️ Customizable and Reusable: Customize it your way with the 8 sheets of blank, replaceable paper included.

📝 Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications: Use it as a medication tracker, habit tracker, kids' reward chart, daily routine chart, RV checklist, classroom behavior chart, birthday chart, children's routine chart, dog feeding reminder board, and visual schedule for children with autism.


Material: plastic

Size (approx.): (L x W) 20 x 12cm/7.87 x 4.72inch

Package Includes:

4 Pcs x Checklist Boards (Green, Blue, Pink, White)

8 Pcs x Blank Cardstocks

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4 Pcs x Checklist Boards (Green, Blue, Pink, White) and 8 Pcs x Blank Cardstocks


4 Productivity Boards (4 Colours) with 8 Blank Cardstocks

0 ratings
I want this!